Saturday, April 3, 2010

Triple the Scraps: Perfect

Our perfection is not within ourselves; instead, it comes from Christ alone. His sacrificial love makes us acceptable. When we accept His truth, His way, His light, then the love we nurture and feel for Him moves us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit those in prison.

Ephesians here speaks of Christ’s relationship with His Bride, In the natural, mankind views the church differently. Humanity looks at the church and sees all the spots and wrinkles. So blinded is humanity that it often overlooks the acts of kindness occurring daily around the world. Humanity may not notice, but our Lord does.

This layout is another Close To My Heart product. I can’t say that I’m totally happy with it; I most likely will, over time, probably continue to rework it. I believe the concept is valid, but the execution is open for upgrade. I used a 3” scalloped hole punch for the circles in the upper right hand corner. My primary color were CTMH’s Buttercup and Brown Bag. I used Colonial White cardstock for the background, Buttercup cardstock for the letter “p”, a 1-inch hole punch to fasion the bridal veil. I used a background paper from the Grace Level 2 paperback along with Brown Bag cardstock for the cross and some Bitty Sparkles to accent the embellishment, dress and veil. I also used two CTMH stamps: C1356 Family Ties and B1240 Solos P. The photo doesn’t do the cross justice.


  1. I really like how you tell the story with your pages! I need to do perfect yet and you inspire me to get caught up!