Saturday, January 14, 2012

So Many Smashes, So Little Time

I couldn't help it. I saw the blue one and knew I had to have it along with the black, orange, yellow and pink. Then I figured it out. I used my Brother P-Touch to create labels for each. So my Pink (Pretty Style) Smash is now labeled "Family & Friend Smash 2012. My Blue "Retro Style" is labeled "Our Pets Smash 2012). My Yellow Smash is "Scrappigators Smash 2012." My Orange Simple Style" is now my "Steampunk Smash 2012" where I'll record and store great ideas and play with my steampunk papers and stamps. My Black Mod Style Smash will be my "Ministry Smash 2012." My Red Doodle Smash is "My First Smash 2012." Since we're moving my craftroom upstairs so we can run our Scrappigators Country Store downstairs, I'll find plenty of odds and ends to drop our scrapping pages. This photo above is in my Doodle "First Smash" book. I am totally into this bird. Doesn't it look great? I think 2012 is going to be a "Smashing" Great Year.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Smashing Progress Report

This is a page-in-progress that will, I am confident, that will receive more snips, scraps and bits over the days and weeks ahead. These are students from Michaels in Rehoboth. These photos were left over from another project and were a perfect fit for my Smash. There's also a little paperweaving practice swatch that didn't make the trash bin.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Christmas Smashing Post


One of the best things about the Christmas holidays is the January recovery time. Still trying to clean of my craft table where I found most of the pieces above. The heart is a 6" Cricut Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that I cut to try paper weaving. The Santa on the heart is a misting excercise. Since my last entry, I have purchased four more books to fill. I also have eight out of ten pages finished for Michaels in Rehoboth. I'm having a Smashing Good Time.