Monday, September 21, 2009

I finished it! Page 1

The cover of the Trinidad Scrapbook is a collage of the photos left after I finished the 19 other album pages. The lettering is made of cranberry cardstock which I cut out using my Making Memories Slice. I don't remember which disk I used, but it worked well, don't you think?

I finished it! Pages 2 & 3

These two pages were copied from a July blog entry. The entire scrapbook was constructed using Close to My Heart's Moon Doggie papers and coordinating stamps. The content is a reflection of our "abode" during our stay in Trinidad & Tobago in 2005.

I finished it! Pages 4 & 5

This too was copied from a previous entry in July. It features our our stop at a scenic overlook between Port of Spain and Vistabella.

I finished it! Pages 6 & 7

I copied this page from a previous blog. This features our storytelling activities in Trinidad & Tobago in 2005. Check July 14th entry for details

I finished it! Page 8&9

I copied these two pages from another blog entry so I can have the whole scrapbook together. This is from our first trip tto Trinidad & Tobago in 2005. We were tremendously overfed during our two week stay there at that time.

I finished it! Page 10

Though this has a markedly different appearance than the other Moon Doggie pages, this layout showcases efforts to prepare for Joan Sandassie's memorial service in May 2006. The technique is one that I learned at the Great American Scrapbooking Convention in Chantilly, Va earlier this year.

I finished it! Page 11

While 2006 is designated on page 11, it also extends to page 10. This reflects only one of two trips I made to Trinidad & Tobago next year. On this page, Kathryn (below left) went on to be with the Lord in 2009. Prior to that she testified about a miraculous healing which the Lord granted through Pastor Joan and David Sumari (if I remember correctly. Above left, Diane enjoys the friendship of Peggy Lalchan (on the right) and her close friend whose name escapes me. Bottom right, Brandon (whose wearing the hat) joins in drill ceremonies at his school's field day.

I finished it! Page 12

Fellowship is at the heart of our visits to Trinidad & Tobago . . . In this case, our youth bonded with their new friends in Trinidad & Tobago. First, we see Kia and Samantha. To the right, we see Michael atnd the girls bonding with the all-male youth group that gathers in the Great Commission Victory Tabernacle. Below left, Michael shows his appreciation of the kitchen patrol -- Auntie Pearl and Pamela. In the center bottom, David relaxes while Diane and Jane take a moment to lol -- laugh out loud.

I finished it! Page 13

Tracy Sandassi and Jane Benton are shown in the the top photo. Location: kitchen in the apartment above the church. Of course, I'm on the left in photo/video mode. Bottom right, Kia and Samantha having lunch at a local mall. Upper right is Brandon Sandassie. Fellowship plays an important part of our role in Trinidad.

I finished it! Page 14

This page commemorates the contribution of our girls who so effectively led dance, mime and all sorts of other activities. It was only when we brought our youth that I learned of the use of local phrases like, "don't you be vexin' me now" and "we've been limein' down the street."

I finished it! Page 15

Young and old alike, our girls were quite the workers. They added a punch to the program that is essential to good drama and dramatic interpretation. PLUS they had fun! What can be better than this?

I finished it! Page 16

The young men who comprised the Trinidad youth were awesome. Not only mannerly and helpful, they were willing to try new things; and there was no shortage of new things to put their hand to. Our kids had a ball, and I think they did as well. Friendships were formed in a memorable trip for all.

I finished it! Page 17

The show is over, so the boys decided it was time to jam. Michael told me that he wasn't used to being around so many Christian youth around his own age.

I finished it! Page 18

While we had a wonderful time in Trinidad and Tobago, our trip took an extra turn by three days in Grenada (Brandon pointed out that I misspelled the country name. This is the West Indies, not Spain). We stayed at a local hotel and one of the church ladies prepared our meals. We started each day with fish. It was different, but tasty.

I finished it! Page 19

This is page two of our Grenada trip. We had trouble conveying the concept of dowel rods, so I agreed to bamboo about the diameter of a broom handle. Their broom handles must be pretty big. The were also a bit long, so Michael Sandassie cut the bamboo in half and the worked out well. The sound they made was awesome. Our teens did most of the teaching and the kids were awesome.

I finished it! Last page

This is the last page of our Trinidad Scrapbook. A celebrity siting in the Port of Spain airport led to a chance meeting of Yolanda Adams in the customs line in Houston. She graciously agreed to have her picture taken with our teens.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

50-Card Christmas Workshop

When I saw these cards on one of the Close To My Heart (CTMH) bulletin boards and realized that you could make 50 cards from half a level 2 paper pack, I knew this was an incredible holiday workshop. Unlike the one I saw, I've added a few extra elements to the project. Instead of two basic stamp sets, I used four. Instead of 4" x 5.5" cards, I purchased quality card bases at 4.5" x 5.5 inches. So I created a "ribbon" effect by adding a half-inch strip and crimping it. In the first set of four cards you see, I used CTMH's Angel Sent cards featuring for sweet cherubs (A1099). Visit my website at for more art. I'll be posting more later today or tomorrow. My workshop is at my home and is slated for Saturday, October 3 from 9 AM to 5 PM. Sign-up deadline is September 15, 2009. For more details, email me at and I'll add you to my newsletter mailing list.