Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Beginnings

This is the second Avonlea layout which is finished except for the journaling. I'm in the middle of a computer crisis at the moment with my desktop CPU downstairs next to my husband's desk. It's searching for a driver for its new motherboard. So I'm working off my laptop.
The good news is that I finally found my Avonlea pages which you didn't know were lost. That's another story. Nevertheless, both the first and second layouts are now safely secured in my green CTMH scrapbook. Now that I've given you far more information than you wanted to know, let me tell you about these pages.
I'm using the autumn/winter book layouts to share a bit about our history/memories/stories that David and I share. This layout is a reversed version found in Jeannette Lynton's Imagine book and it works quite well for these pages.
This is the bonus project that you can complete with the remaining product in the Avonlea Workshop on the Go
 I found the suede rub-ons most interesting to use and liked highlighting them with cocoa markers. I would love to do a slightly blinged up version substitutie opaque pearl flourishes for the suede which would open up a whole new dimension. Don't be surprised if I add some more Avonlea later in this heritage book.
Regardless, I found the Avonlea look to be quite exiting. If you like it too, pop over to my website ( and order yours today.
Next up is Clementine.

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  1. More wonderful work, Diane! Extra information is always good! lol Thanks for sharing!...Nancy :o)