Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Junk Journaling, Here I Come!

 Okay, so I changed my mind! Not-so-new. On Thursday, I will begin again -- something I started to do years ago. Maybe . . . MAYBE by Thursday my new K&Company Smash will be here. But I plan to unlock the artist within a bit more with JUNK JOURNALING. I e-searched Junk Journaling for a definition and discovered the precept of making a journal from junk (cereal boxes, paper bags, etc.) That is not a definition of junk journaling that I would subscribe to. Instead, my view of junk journaling is more from a "slice of life" perspective. Our junk journals are those places where creativity hides, awaiting discovery. It's that scrap of something that impresses us (i.e. making an impression upon us) but doesn't fit on our scrapbook pages or card sets. It's visual poetry; leftover favorites seeking a home; doodles daring to mix without matching. It's more than a diary but less than a memoir. It's a place to experiment, a private moment in a public venue. Junk journaling is for the brave at heart who don't need permission to express themselves. I plan to grow several junk journals between December 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012. Since scrapbooking and cardmaking dominates my lifestyle at the moment, my junk journals will surely reflect these legacy building adventures through the coming year. It's expression at its fullest. When do I begin? Tomorrow, with or without my Smash. I'll be back, the Lord willing.

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